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Running around Coachella while getting blasted by the sand storm
Anonymous said: is that you in your side bar?
I replied:

mhm i’m on the left!

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iamamunchk1n said: How many licks does it take until u give up and bite the damn tootsie pop
I replied:

very few hahahah

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Back when I was cute and happy :)

you may not be cute anymore, BUT YOU’RE DAMMMM HOT :O ;)
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Hey, I’m Phoebe, aka tumblr user verticalism. I run a nature and slightly urban blog but my dash is super inactive even though i follow 300+ blogs. I’m constantly looking for new blogs to follow so I can be more active. Check out my blog, and maybe follow me? I check out new followers and follow back similar blogs! Have a lovely rest of a day (or night)!